Ranminise Nigerian #1 on demand delivery system.

The perfect way to deliver your package !


How Ranminise works

Enter Delivery details

State the item properties, pickup and delivery locations.

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Submit your order

Ranminise app will notify you when Ojise is assigned to deliver your items.

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Ranminise delivers

Ojise delivers your item when and where you need it.

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Delivery System that works!

You log pick up ---> We receive your pick up details. We merge u with our OJISE ---> You verify the RMP CODE.

OJISE picks up your item ---> You Track OJISE via map or phone

People Are Talking About Ranminise


I have been searching for an on-demand delivery system that works. Ranminise is the answer


Moving fragile equipments like LCD is always a challenge. Ranminise delivered my luggage without issues!


World class on-demand delivery service. I enjoyed doing business with you guys. Five Stars *****